There are so many flavor combinations... let your imagination run wild!  "Simple" cupcakes are chocolate or vanilla cake with butter cream frosting (choose flavor) and simple decor. Our "Specialty" cupcakes are listed below... but don't let this list restrict you!  Let us know what you're looking for and we can create something just for you! 

*Pink Lemonade - yummy lemon cake with a delicious lemonade frosting topped with a lemon drop candy  

*Chocolate Salted Caramel - dark chocolate cake, caramel frosting drizzled with chocolate ganache and caramel, with sea salt sprinkle

*Peanut Butter Cup - chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting drizzled with chocolate ganache, topped with a mini peanut butter cup

*French Toast - golden butter cake, maple frosting dusted with confectioners sugar and sprinkled with bacon bits

*Banana Pudding - banana cake filled with vanilla pudding topped with vanilla wafer frosting and topped with a vanilla wafer

*Cookies & Cream - dark chocolate and cookie cake, vanilla frosting dusted with crushed cookies, topped with mini cookie

*Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - chocolate chip cake with cookie dough frosting topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie

*German Chocolate - German chocolate cake with rich coconut and pecan frosting

*Red Velvet - red velvet cake with a rich cream cheese frosting topped with red sugar crystals

*Turtle - rich chocolate cake with caramel frosting, drizzled with chocolate ganache and caramel and sprinkled with walnuts

* NEW! PUMPKIN ROLL - pumpkin & walnut cupcake with fluffy cream cheese frosting.  

Just like cupcakes, there are a multitude of choices for cake and frosting flavors.

*Cake flavors:  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, butter, vanilla, white, lemon, strawberry, carrot, red velvet... and more!

*Frosting flavors:  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, butter cream, vanilla, lemonade, strawberry, cream cheese... and more!

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